Dog Kennel for Sale Ireland

Why we designed a new range of dog kennel for sale in Ireland?

When looking for a dog kennel for sale in Ireland last year we found that the market was saturated with run of the mill wooden kennels. We were looking for something a little different, something which would look attractive in our garden but also serve the purpose required. Kennel for sale IrelandIt got us thinking that there was a gap in the market for unique and attractive kennels that customers would enjoy having in their gardens. We sat down and decided to design our own kennel range that would incorporate both colour, style and versatility.  In November 2015 we launched our Henry and Buddy range of kennels to the market. We are extremely proud of our products.  They have been carefully designed by us with the comfortable housing of dogs at the foremost in our minds.

Going about designing a dog kennel for sale in Ireland

Of course, the most important aspect of the kennels for us was the quality of the build.  What we are most delighted about though is the colours now available to customers. In keeping with the ever growing trend of painting garden furniture and sheds in ‘countryside’ colours we agreed that colours like sage, latte and cornflower would fit nicely into any garden. Naturally all the wood stain’s used in our kennels are animal friendly. We even researched what would work best for the roofs of our kennels and that having a shingle effect felt roof would give them a ‘house’ like appearance. We have three different sizes available, with and without doors, to suit all breeds of dogs from the smallest to largest.

Adding value for money when offering a dog kennel for Sale in Ireland

Our range of dog kennel for sale are very competitively priced and offer excellent value for money. We even offer free delivery Nationwide (including Northern Ireland) on all our kennels. Customers can expect to receive their order within 48 hours.

Customer feed back on the new range of dog kennel for sale

The feedback we have received from customers since launching this range have been really positive. As we had imagined customers love the colours available.  They like us they are delighted to have a kennel that looks good in their garden.