Exercising and Playtime

Exercising your dog can really encourage the whole family to get out and about. Everyone feels invigorated and re-energised after a long walk or playtime with their dog.Exercising a dog

All dogs need regular exercise and the amount depends on the breed. Two half hour walks a day will be sufficient for a small dog but larger dogs will need about an hour walk plus playtime.

The exercise you give your dog can take many forms and can work around your lifestyle, if needs be.


Training your dog to walk on the lead without pulling on it is very important see:- walking on lead. Make sure your puppy or dog is vaccinated before taking him outside where other dogs may be or have been to avoid him picking up any diseases.

Half the fun for a dog during walks is sniffing out new scents, so if it is not possible to allow your dog off the lead, then ensure you stop occasionally to let the dog sniff out the scents that interest him. Always pickup after your dog so carry disposable dog litter bags with you on every walk.


Dogs love nothing more than running about and following scents outdoors. Ideally, allowing a dog to run off the lead gives them the most exercise but this really depends on the breed of your dog and the location. Some breeds under law have to be on a leash at all times when outdoors and some parks only allow dogs on leads.   If it is possible, try to find a country walk, forest park or hill walk locally that you can let your dog off the lead to run. Only allow your dog off the lead outdoors when you are sure he has mastered the recall command.

If you like to go jogging then bring your dog along with you and kill two bird’s with one stone. This is especially advantageous if you live in an area where you cannot let your dog off the lead.

Playing Fetch

Playing fetch comes naturally to several breeds especially retriever breeds like Spaniels, Labradors, Collies etc but if taught early most breed will play fetch. This exercise can fit into any lifestyle as it dog fetchingcan be played both outdoor and indoors. Playing an extended game of fetch in your garden will exercise your dog sufficiently, if you are unable to take him for a walk. Smaller breeds can play indoors and it will wear them out, eventually.

The game of fetch is entertaining for the whole family and dog alike.   Having your dog return the item thrown gives a great sense of satisfaction. Taking your dog to the beach to play fetch in the water is a great way to exercise your dog and also great fun.


Squeaky Toys – Dog’s, especially small breeds, love squeaky toys and will try their best to get at the source of the noise. These toys can provide hours of fun and playtime for your dog especially during fetching games.   Be careful to take the toy away if your dog tears it open as he may choke on the small pieces

Tug toys – these toys are great for playing tug of war games and specially designed to protect the dogs mouth from harm.

Soft Dog Toys – these are particular important for the puppy stage as they are soft on the mouth and can offer a source of comfort.

Food Hiding Toys – hiding treats within these toys will stimulate your dog mentally as he works out how to get the treats out.

Chew toys – puppies love to chew as it is how they learn about the world around them. Providing a chew toys gives them something to do and will lessen the chance of them chewing your furniture.