Information on Dog Kennels

Here is some handy information about dog kennels

Information on Dog Pens and Dog Runs

Click here for some information on dog runs and dog pens!

Taking your dog to the vet

Taking your dog to the vet

As soon as is it possible take your new puppy to the vet for its first health check.

Exercise and Playtime

Popular Family Dog Breeds

A list of the most popular breed of dog in Ireland.

Dog kennel ireland

Essential Puppy Equipment

A guide to the essential equipment required for a puppy/dog.

Caring for your dog

Caring for you dog

Advice on caring for your dog.

Exercising a dog

Exercising and Playtime

Exercising your dog can really encourage the whole family to get out and about

Dog socialisation

Dog Socialisation with other pets, dogs and people

The optimum time for socialising a dog is in the first 4 months of their life

House train a dog

How easy is it to house train a dog?

Training should start gently from the time you bring them home.

Dog training

Tricks and Training

Every owner dreams of a dog that behaves and performs, but it does take time and patience for this to happen.

Boarding kennel

Holiday or Home Alone Time

Boarding kennels are a popular choice for your dog when you are going on holiday.