How easy is it to house train a dog?

House training a puppy can take time and you the owner have to be patient and persistent. The length of time it can take will depend on the breed of dog and how available you are to train them.

Training should start gently from the time you bring them home. However, training cannot really start in earnest until the puppy is 12 weeks old, as that it when they start to have control over their bladder.

Firstly, always take the puppy outside first thing in the morning, before bed in the evening and regularly throughout the day, especially when he wakes up from a nap or after eating.

Lead him to a particular spot in the garden each time so that he starts to associate that area with relieving himself. Praise and reward your puppy each time he carries out a desired action.

Having a feeding schedule and sticking to it will definitely increase the success of house training your puppy. Puppies digestive system works on an “in/out” schedule so taking the puppy out shortly after feeding with decrease the amount of accidents in the house.

Never scold a puppy for accidents as this will hamper the whole process. The old myth of rubbing their noses in it is certainly just that, a myth.

As with all aspects of training rewarding and praising is what works.

Will my dog chew my furniture?

It is a puppy/dog’s instinct to chew but when is causes damage it can become a source of concern to the owner. Excessive destructive chewing can be a sign that the dog is not getting enough stimulation and is bored. Ensure that all your dog’s needs are being met e.g. exercise, playtime and feed. A dog that is well exercised is less inclined to have the inclination to chew. Providing mental stimulation like hiding food in toys and providing chew toys can help the situation.

When you catch you dog chewing something he is not supposed to, have a stop action like a clap of your hands. Quickly, give him the chew toy with treats hidden inside. Praise him when he starts to chew on the toy instead.

Never punish the dog for chewing as this is natural behaviour. It is up to you to show him what he is allowed to chew or not.