Wooden or Plastic Dog Kennel? Which one is right for my dog?

The right dog house will keep your pooch cool in the Summer, warm in Winter and dry all year round.  But where to start when trying to decide between all the different styles and types of dog kennel?

Well, we at Woofs.ie have broken it down to help you when choosing the best dog kennel for your canine companion.  We’ve stuck to wooden and plastic as these are the most popular types of kennels available in Ireland.  Metal and fibreglass dog houses can also be purchased, but tend to be much more expensive.

Before we talk about the pros and cons of wooden and plastic dog houses, we should highlight some of the most important considerations when buying a new kennel.


  • Try to choose a roof that is in some way slanted. This allows the rain that we get so regularly in Ireland to run off the sides rather than sit on top and seep in causing a soggy interior – not so nice for your pet.
  • Choose a simple design. Avoid fancy roof design with lots of joins as these are likely to develop leaks.


  • Make sure your dog’s home has adequate ventilation so that condensation doesn’t build up causing breathing and health problems for your pet. In plastic kennels a small vent should be a built-in feature.  For wooden kennels, you should find some ventilation holes near the roof line, or in the door.


  • Consider how you will be using the kennel when deciding if you need a door or not. If this is your pets permanent home, then you may need a kennel with a door that can be closed over at night to secure your dog until morning.  On the other hand, if this is your dog’s daytime bolthole, a door may not be required.
  • The door way should be big enough for your pet to fit in comfortably but not so big that once inside your pet is being exposed to the elements. Unlike their owners, your dog’s door can be smaller than his height.  One rule of thumb says the height of the door opening should be approximately 3/4 of the dog’s shoulder to ground height.
  • If the kennel you like doesn’t come with a door, you can easily purchase a “dog flap” which is strips of vinyl that can be easily attached to the kennel and costs less than €10. This is a good option for your dog too as they can see out, while still having some level of protection from the weather.


  • The flooring of your kennel be thick enough to create a barrier from the cold ground beneath. It’s a good idea to consider placing your kennel on a sheet of plywood or a slab of insulation rather than straight onto grass, as wooden kennels will rot more easily.


  • You may think that the biggest dog house is best for your little Jack Russel or King Charles. However, it’s actually better for your dog to go for a snugger fit so they can retain their own heat in the space.  Once your pet has enough space to get in comfortably, turn around and lie down, that’s a good fit!   Dogs also feel more secure in a smaller space.
  • If you are buying for a puppy, be sure to check what her adult size is likely to be and choose accordingly!

Location of your kennel:

  • You may need to move your kennels location from time to time. In the Winter, you may place it in a sunny spot, while during warmer spells it would be better in the shade.  In any case, the kennel should be placed on slightly sloped ground, so that any rain water has made its way in can drain away.
  • You may also want to consider placing your kennel in a position that is slightly away from the home. If the kennel is directly against the wall of your home your dog will be more likely to bark every time they hear a noise from the home, or even a smell!  Placing the kennel against a garage wall is a better idea.
  • Placing your kennel in a sheltered location is also a good idea. This will limit any possible damage from the wind and will minimise draughts.

Choosing the best house for your Dog:

We at Woofs.ie hope this blog will be useful in helping you choose the best dog kennel for your pooch! Please visit our website to see a full range of quality wooden and plastic kennels, available now for free delivery within Ireland.